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We Can Do Better - Maja Gopel

We Can Do Better - Maja Gopel

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After her previous book, Rethinking Our World, eloquently untangled the complex world we live in, Maja G pel delivers the encouragement and the tools we need to go into action and build the world we want to live in.

Humanity is undergoing a massive process of transformation, and the way we live will change fundamentally, because things we have taken for granted about the environment, the economy, politics, society, and technology are crumbling. In We Can Do Better, Maja G pel explains how we can understand such complex developments and use this knowledge to achieve a better world.

There have always been great transformations in history, triggered by humans - thus, we can also shape them. Our window to the future is open as never before. With this attitude, structural change is not an imposition, but an opportunity. It is time that we - each of us individually, but also society as a whole - allowed ourselves to think anew, to dream, and to ask two related, radical questions- Who do we want to be, and how do we want to live?

'A profound diagnosis and wake-up call.'
-Ralph Gerstenberg, Deutschlandfunk Kultur Book Review

Praise for Rethinking Our World-

' A ccording to German political economist Maja G pel, the days of "business as usual" are over. There is a new reality caught in the phrase "overshoot day" - when the demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what the earth can give. We're already there and, among other things, progress and capitalism as we've known them need to be reconfigured to create a fairer, less exploitative society. This sounds like a dire read, but it's strangely upbeat and, using often telling examples, G pel calmly makes her dramatic point.'
-Steven Carroll, The Sydney Morning Herald

'G pel rigorously analyses traditional theories of economic growth, privatisation, consumption, and the infallibility of 'the market' ... she is skilfully bringing together ideas from psychology, economics, philosophy, science, and history to create a highly readable interdisciplinary summary of the crisis at hand ... G pel reminds us that awareness is one of the first steps, and the knowledge and belief that business as usual is not an option can be a powerful place to start.'
-Kara Nicholson, Readings
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