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Together We Fall Apart - Sophie Matthiesson

Together We Fall Apart - Sophie Matthiesson

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A stunning debut novel from a bright new voice in Australian fiction in this deeply affecting portrait of a dysfunctional family.
For the past seven years, Clare has been living in London. She works for a judge on child protection cases. Her partner, Miriam, is devoted to raising their young son, Rupert; their days are dominated by nap times, laundry, and hiding from each other.
When Clare returns to Melbourne to visit her ailing father, another family crisis looms her brother Max's long-term drug addiction. She turns her efforts towards helping Max into rehab, but is this at the expense of her family back in London?
Moving, heartbreaking and insightful, Together We Fall Apart is a beautifully written novel about running away and coming home.
'Beautifully constructed, with sinuous spare prose .... I look forward to reading more of this fine author's work.' Chloe Hooper, author of The Tall Man, The Arsonist, Bedtime Story
'Explores the intricate dynamics of power, desire, motherhood and belonging with nuance, complexity and empathy' Emily Bitto, author of The Strays and Wild Abandon
'A meditation on love and loss - Through richly drawn characters with deeply relatable flaws, Matthiesson expertly navigates the universal tension between the families we are born into and those which we create, capturing the very essence of what it is to be human.' Nadine J. Cohen, Everyone and Everything

'A deeply affecting portrait of home and family, skilfully and thoughtfully rendered.' Ewa Ramsey, The Morbids
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