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The Grandest Box Set - Amelia Mellor

The Grandest Box Set - Amelia Mellor

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Enter a world where magic meets history and adventure abounds in these two bestselling and multi-award-winning books by Amelia Mellor.

For the children of the nineteenth century's most wondrous bookshop, every day is filled with riddles, magic and mayhem. But these courageous young heroes face their greatest threat in the form of a diabolical magician. In a duel with impossibly high stakes, there are only two options: beat the villain at his own game, or lose everything. The clock is ticking ...
Biographical note

Amelia Mellor began her writing career as her secondary school's resident playwright in Year 11. As part of her creative writing course at the University of Melbourne, she completed a thesis on the reinvention of the Industrial Revolution in children's fantasy literature. Her debut novel, The Grandest Bookshop in the World, has won an Australian Book Industry Award, an Indie Book Award, a NSW Premier's Literary Award and a Booksellers' Choice Award. When she isn't writing, Amelia enjoys hiking, gardening and drawing. She can be found at or walking the streets of Melbourne.
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