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The Girl Who Touched The Stars

The Girl Who Touched The Stars

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It took an ocean to learn it's not how fast you paddle but how deep inside you dig. PRAISE 'Bonnie's ability to endure extreme physical pain paddling for such a long time is a testament to what humans are made of - or can be if inclined to such craziness! ... Thank you, Bonnie, for the motivation' Jessica Watson, author, adventurer and sailor 'Bonnie is bravery and determination personified. Her strength is brought to life in an incredible story, and if you want to feel like everything is possible, this is the story for you. Bonnie will show you that when life offers a challenge, she will return serve and do it in style' Leisel Jones, Olympic gold medallist 'I'm in awe of Bonnie's almighty leap of faith to set out on this expedition into the complete unknown. A challenge that would test every part of her being, forcing Bonnie and her amazing team to dig deeper than they ever thought possible ... Every time I paddle out into the surf after reading about Bonnie's epic adventure, I think how proud I am that a friend accomplished one of the craziest world record attempts' Sally Fitzgibbons, surfing champion 'As you read this book, prepare to be both moved and inspired. Through engaging anecdotes, heartfelt moments, and vivid descriptions, you will intimately experience the joys, triumphs, and hurdles Bonnie encounters along her courageous journey' Gus Worland, Gotcha4Life

254 days, 12,700 kilometres, sea sickness, sharks, crocodiles and ocean. Bonnie Hancock broke numerous records on her fastest ever circumnavigation by paddle around Australia but that wasn't the achievement she is most proud of. Testing the limits of her mental and physical toughness, she learned what it means to overcome adversity and how important teamwork and perspective truly are. What looks distressing from the rocky shore or storm-tossed waves can be inspiring when you look to the heavens.

The Girl Who Touched the Stars is a love story, a travelogue and an exhilarating exploration of human ambition coming face to face with the beauty and power of nature. But most of all it's a lesson in overcoming self-doubt, trusting others and finding your true self. Bonnie demonstrates vividly and honestly the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of reaching for the stars.

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