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The Best Things In Life Are Cheese - Sam Studd

The Best Things In Life Are Cheese - Sam Studd

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The Studd family joke is that their veins run with brie instead of blood, so it's no surprise that siblings Ellie and Sam Studd share the same passion for cheese as their father, legendary cheese expert, Will Studd. Ellie and Sam spent childhood holidays visiting artisan producers in Europe, snacking on rare mountain cheeses and cave-ripened blues.

Ellie and Sam have travelled the world, working with celebrated mongers and makers; they are inducted members of the International Guilde Des Fromagers and American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals. Ellie and Sam spend their time hand-picking artisan cheeses for the 'Selected by Will Studd' range, working closely with cheesemongers and chefs, running masterclasses and contributing to food magazines, such as delicious.
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