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Everyone And Everything - Nadine J Cohen

Everyone And Everything - Nadine J Cohen

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A dazzling debut full of wry wisdom by one of Australia's most exciting emerging novelists, Everyone and Everything will make you laugh inappropriately, cry unexpectedly and reach out to those you love.
When Yael Silver's world comes crashing down, she looks to the past for answers and finds solace in surprising places. An unconventional new friendship, a seaside safe space and an unsettling amount of dairy help her to heal, as she wrestles with her demons and some truly terrible erotic literature.
Everyone and Everything is about family, mental health and inherited trauma, told with humour and humility, perfect for fans of Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason and A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu. An intimate exploration of grief and inherited trauma, it asks what makes us who we are and what leads us onto ledges.
'I couldn't put it down. Humour, in Cohen's hands, is a super power. She uses it so deftly to tell a story that is, by turns, devastating, life-expanding and laugh-out-loud funny. A luminous debut.' Sarah Krasnostein
'This novel is melancholy, funny and unpredictable just like its protagonist. A great read.' Allee Richards (author of Small Joys of Real Life)
'So utterly, beautifully, awkwardly human you will laugh and howl and cringe in recognition. This is a novel about facing up to the worst of life and stubbornly deciding to go ahead and love it anyway. I adored it.' Emily Maguire

'A clever, funny, and very warm novel about illness, death and grief and a lead character that I really wanted to hang out with longer.' Holly Throsby
'One of the best books I've read in ages and ages.' Ewa Ramsey
'Delicate yet unyielding, fresh yet familiar, Nadine Cohen breathes new life into sad girl lit and redefines the term "a stunning debut." Everyone and Everything is tender, honest and utterly unputdownable. It ruined my weekend plans and turned my world new colours from page one.' Genevieve Novak
'This brilliant book doesn't shy away from the rough stuff, exploring the complexity and brutality of life, all the while maintaining a grip on to the occasional simple joy and beauty of it all. I was cackling away at Nadine's unique perspectives one minute, and sobbing the next. A magnificent debut!' Myf Warhurst
'This book gave me all the feelings' John Birmingham
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