About Us

Celebrating Ten Years.
As we begin celebrating ten years in our little business, it may interest you to know where we began and what lead us here.
It began as a moment of emotional turmoil, but really it was in our blood...
Adrian and I both came from families entrenched in Inverloch’s retail history, Adrian from generations of Banks Butchers and I had done ten years of nursing despite knowing that one day I longed to be behind the counter of my own business just as my family all have.
I hadn’t realised when I saw that the Inverloch Newsagency was on the market that Adrian had also...and we had both thought it would be something that we’d enjoy.
Tears about no longer wanting to be a nurse because I couldn’t live in beautiful Inverloch and work at the Royal Children’s Hospital at the same time led us to investigating the opportunity of purchasing our business. So with three young kids aged just two three and six, we dove in.
Move forward ten years and here we are today celebrating this milestone. We have a business that we are truly proud of, selling great products from respected brands. We have three teenage children who are all willing to pitch in. Our staff are wonderful and have been on this journey for almost as long as we have, I cannot thank them enough for all they do. You, our customers, we want to thank for your ongoing support of our little business. You know how important it is to shop locally and we thank you for your commitment to spreading the word about what we do.
We hope that you enjoy our online store as much as the real thing!